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As you can see - this is a very 'barebones' site that is anxiously awaiting someone to build into a thriving and vibrant web site for Northeast Iowa!


I am looking for a business partner for my new ‘startup’ Internet company located in Allamakee County.

Notice - I did NOT say ‘employee’ but instead ‘business partner’.

The candidate should have experience in:

Web Design
Business, phone, and people skills
Work alone and in a group to accomplish goals

The candidate should be:

Comfortable talking on the phone, in person, and in front of a group
Comfortable dealing with customers & other employees
Creative and able to generate ideas to grow the business.  Questions are okay but ideas and answers are expected.

I want to work with a business partner because the right person will share responsibility for the success or failure of every decision and result.

The opportunity will also offer financial ownership - along with the risks, comes the rewards!

Email bill@neiowa.com if interested in hearing more about this opportunity!!!

Bill Halvorson
Waterville, IA 52170
Cell: 563-379-2199